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About our bulk clothing and wholesale merchandise
WholeSaleFashionSquare.com always carries top quality red tag wholesale clothing which makes WholeSale Fashion Square different from other online retailers. All of our clothing and other wholesale items are overstocks or leftovers and we collect large quantities in order to offer them to our customers at prices below 40-70% below wholesale. What does this mean for you? The LOWEST PRICES around! Our red tag wholesale bulk clothing is hand-picked and acquired from hundreds of Los Angeles area manufacturers and importers. This also allows us to offer you an extensive selection of styles, sizes, and patterns. Our selection is always top quality and is sure to please you and your shoppers.
Finding Items for your boutique
Our goal is to help you find the items you’re looking for quickly and easily. That’s why there are many different ways on WFS to find different items. You can use the navigation bar on the top, left, and bottom of our website. You can also type a keyword into the search bar. Additionally, if you know the full or even part of the item number, you can look it up this way as well! For example, you can type in “PS-3375” or “337” to find your item.
We carry all sizes for women and juniors in our clothing closeouts and wholesale departments, but the sizes can be various due to differences of each manufacturers' standards. Special Packages When we have special deal items, they will list them under the Special Packages section. You will absolutely not find these items at better prices. One great benefit of Wholesale Fashion Square is that we carry clothing for all types of shapes and sizes. Shop from women, junior, plus size and more on our website in easy to use sections and categories. Every item shows the size and fabric.
New Items Arrive on...
Usually, our new merchandise arrive on every Tuesday and Friday. To save your time, you can review new items only at New Arrivals of item categories. Back Orders In our system, only in-stock items should be checked out. If back orders occur due to the system error or miscount of inventory, it will be eliminated on your order. Constantly check our website in search of newly uploaded merchandise!

What is Mismatched Merchandise?
Because our merchandise comes from other wholesalers, they often don’t have enough stock left to give us certain items in bulk. However, we still accept those items as we still believe they will make great additions to your boutique! Instead, we list them under “mismatched” on the promotions paged. If you purchase a mismatched bundle - which are priced well below our already-low prices, you will receive a bundle of randomized items. Units usually go from $3-5 on the mismatched page. This feature is great to use if you want to test an item in your store, but don’t want to commit to buying an entire stock of it!

Flash Sale
Flash Sales are a way to thank our customers who visit our site often. For a limited time only, we will choose in-season stock and offer them at ultra-low prices. Be sure to check back each week for great new deals! View our current Flash Sales here.

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