About Us

At Wholesale Fashion Square, we know what your boutique needs to succeed! From women’s clothes, accessories, and makeup to trendy, high-quality fashion items, we provide what you’re looking for at the best prices. We work with our partners to lower design and manufacturing costs so you don’t overpay and instead get to pass on the savings to your customers.

Ordering Wholesale

While we generally prefer bulk orders in bundles of six in order to maintain our affordable price point, we have exciting news for our smaller boutiques! Whether you want to test out some new products or you just need a smaller shipment, we at Wholesale Fashion Square have added smaller bundles to our purchase options. Buy bundles in three instead of six while still enjoying our amazing wholesale discounts.

Variety & Selection

We have one of the largest selections of wholesale clothing for boutique owners to ensure you can stock your boutique with up-to-date styles that your customers will love. Discover styles for all seasons and occasions, in addition to tons of variety in our plus sizes and resort wear. From jewelry and scarves to face masks, we’re also proud to carry all kinds of accessories to help your shoppers complete their look.

High-Quality Products

Our clothes are all stocked by fashion-forward Los Angeles manufacturers and importers. We choose our US partners based on their use of high-quality materials and manufacturing processes in order to guarantee better clothes that last longer.

Keep Up With Us

We want to keep our buyers updated on promotions and new arrivals to our wholesale store. Sign up for our newsletters and push notifications to stay up to date on what’s going on in the industry and within our store. Never miss out on Wholesale Fashion Square’s amazing deals and brand new products ever again!