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  • What is dropshipping?
    • It eliminates the need to keep inventory on hand, freeing your business from the costs of manufacturing or organizing products yourself and maintaining your own warehouse property to store them. Even if you only dropship some of your products, you’ll be freeing up resources for the items that need extra attention.

  • How do I know how much the shipping cost will be for the dropship order?
    • After adding items and proceeding to the cart, you will find the cost for the shipping method. From here, you can decide how much you will want to charge your customers.

  • Can WFS dropship to companies internationally?
    • U.S.A Customers (U.S. Continental Only)

  • Will WFS in any way directly deal with your customers?
    • No. WFS will blind ship directly to your customers without providing any wholesale fashion square information. As a business owner, you will run your store and deal with your own customers.

  • How do we get product information:
    • Feel free to copy paste photos and product details that we have on the website.

  • How do we keep track of inventory?
    • For as long as you see the items on the website, it is available.

  • Are all WFS products available for dropshipping?
    • For bundled dropshipping needs, our entire website is available.
    • For Per Piece Products available for dropshipping, it can be found here: Click Category

  • Will current discount codes still be valid for drop ship registered customers?
    • Yes.

  • Is there an extra cost or membership fee to become a drop ship customer?
    • There is NO membership fee. You have to fill out the application form and submit the requirements as specified on the application form.
  • What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
    • There is no required MOQ. Whatever the quantity or amount you can purchase is acceptable.
  • Can we provide the customer invoice for the shipment?
    • Yes, you may provide an invoice. Just send an email and provide the following info:
      • email: info@wholesalefashionsquare.com
      • Subject: Drop Ship Invoice (attach the .pdf file)
  • What if there is an out of stock item in the order? Do you notify the customer prior drop shipping order?
    • Yes, we will notify the customer for any out of stock items.
  • What is the timeline for processing and shipping the order?
    • Please check the cut-off time as specified on our website and Terms and Conditions. We will notify the customer if there will be a delay on shipment for any reason.

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